ARC Health invests in Rx Health group of companies

21 June 2017


ARC Health, the healthcare subsidiary of African Rainbow Capital (ARC) launched in October 2016, has today announced the investment in Rx Health and other operating companies of Umvuzo Medical Scheme.

ARC Health intends to use the Rx Health Group of companies to springboard its strategy to reform and restructure parts of the private health industry within South Africa, whilst also working on initiatives to optimise government healthcare spend in order to achieve greater efficiency and healthcare delivery.

The founders of Rx Health, Heinrich Rix, Jan Joubert and Henry Windell, will join the ARC Health Managers management team, led by Dewald Dempers, in realising this strategy.

Dempers says that the acquisition is attractive as the Umvuzo philosophy of increasing the uncovered lives in SA and making healthcare more affordable, is aligned to the overall strategy of ARC Health. “Given the current strained economic environment, affordable healthcare has never been more important” he said.

Patrice Motsepe, chairman of the ARC Board, said that “a key objective of ARC is to increase the number of people in SA benefitting from and being part of the formal financial system. Affordable health-care and its administration form an important component of physical and financial well-being.” Johan van Zyl and Johan van der Merwe, co-CEO’s of ARC, echoed this view and added that “the partnership with Rx Health is an important step in achieving this objective of increased financial inclusion. It will also provide a basis for potentially managing government healthcare spend in the area of legislated compensation for injury and related areas.”