Our vision is to shape organisations that contribute to a prosperous society

26 September 2016

The world is continuously changing and becoming more complex. These changes and complexities have significant impact on society, business and the natural systems in which they operate. Organisations need to make decisions within diverse economic realities, shaped by the environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges of our day. Organisations’ capacity to generate wealth is influenced by its ability to understand the impact of such ESG risks. We journey with organizations to help them understand these risks and their role in a changing society and economy.

Alternative Prosperity is a majority black owned company and offers products and services in Responsible Investment (RI), Transformation (including B-BBEE) and Sustainability. Our offering is designed to cut through legislative minefields and aim to inform progressive thinking around organisational responsibility.

  • Our B-BBEE specialists focus on B-BBEE advisory services including compliance, transformation strategy development & implementation support, ownership structuring and analysis, management of fronting risk and implementing authentic broad-based ownership schemes. We actively participate in the policy discussion with Government in an effort to bring balance to the transformation dialogue.
  • Our Integrated Sustainability strategy development services support organisations in creating, maintaining and measuring the conditions under which, humans, nature and organisations can exist in productive harmony and thrive. We develop solutions based on Creating Shared Value through collaboration and innovation. Our Social impact services include social impact initiative design and development, assessment of existing initiatives, establishment of trusts, capacitating trustees and reporting. We specialize in advising and managing corporate social investment efforts and manage stakeholder engagement in various situations on behalf of our clients.
  • Our Responsible Investment products and services support asset owners and managers to make investment decisions that are informed by environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities and that are in adherence to local and international RI regulations, policies and trends.

Collectively our team of specialists have experience in a vast array of ESG related subjects including B-BBEE, law, social and enterprise development, sustainability management and responsible investment. We serve on several industry bodies as technical experts. Additionally, we advise and conduct research for non-profit organisations regarding compliance, governance and sustainability related issues.

We are people centered and our values are focused on the potential and well- being of individuals and the environment in which they function. We believe in a pioneering spirit and the power of diversity, personal responsibility and accountability to our clients and other stakeholders.

Alternative Prosperity is in the business of enabling organisations to make decisions that will build trust and create wealth for its stakeholders.