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African Rainbow Capital is committed to sound governance and the application of the highest ethical standards in the conduct of its business and affairs.

The Board of Directors of ARC takes a stakeholder inclusive approach to doing business. The ARC Board acknowledges the link between effective governance, sustainable performance and the creation of long-term value for all of ARC’s stakeholders. The Board is committed to the principles of transparency, integrity, fairness, accountability and recognises the need to implement good corporate governance principles.

The ARC Board comprises 7 Independent Non-executive Directors and 5 Executive Directors.

The Board meets four times a year. The Board’s work plan sets out the relevant matters to be covered at each meeting during the year to ensure that all matters laid out in the charter are properly covered on an appropriate basis. The key purpose of the Board is to ensure the sustainable prosperity of the Company by collectively directing its affairs, while meeting stakeholders’ appropriate interests.

The Board is ultimately accountable and responsible for the performance and affairs of the Company and, in doing so, effectively represents and promotes the legitimate interests of the Company and its shareholders. The Board exercises stewardship and sets the ethical tone for the organisation by upholding the highest degree of ethics in all forms of conduct.

African Rainbow Capital Board Members

African Rainbow Capital Audit & Risk Committee

African Rainbow Capital Investment Committee

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Important Notice

Please be aware of fraudsters claiming to collect investment deposits using African Rainbow Capital's name. The public can only invest in our business if they have a share trading account.


We will never take direct payment or deposits from the public.