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Monday, 17 October 2022: The Sygnia Itrix Sustainable Economy exchange traded fund (ETF) has been approved for a secondary listing on A2X Markets and will be available for trade on A2X from 24 October.

Sygnia is the largest international equity ETF provider in South Africa and offers investors the widest range of ETFs that track international equity markets.

The objective of the Sygnia Itrix Sustainable Economy ETF is to provide an investment vehicle that gives easy access to investors who want to achieve long term capital appreciation in tracking the performance of the S&P Kensho Sustainable Technologies Index.

Sygnia Head of Investments, Kyle Hulett, said, “Once viewed as a handbrake to economic growth, sustainability has become a high-growth economic opportunity for innovative companies and the investors supporting them. Our latest ETF gives our investors the opportunity to invest in 300 top industrial and energy stocks while helping fight climate change.”

Hulett added, “By listing on A2X, we provide our ETF investors with the opportunity to capture the benefits their platform offers which include lower exchange fees, added liquidity and narrower spreads.”

Kevin Brady, A2X CEO, said, “The Sustainable Economy ETF is the fifteenth Sygnia ETF to list on our platform. ETFs are cost-sensitive by nature and we are pleased to be helping Sygnia investors even further by giving them the ability to transact in Sygnia ETFs on A2X’s low-cost platform.”

A2X was authorised by its dual regulators, the FSCA and the Prudential Authority, to secondary list exchange traded products in 2019 and will now offer 34 ETFs and 2 ETNs on its market.

The listing of this ETF brings the number of instruments available for trade on A2X to 89, with a combined market capitalisation of about R5 trillion.

A2X is a licensed stock exchange that provides companies with a secondary listing venue. It is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority and the Prudential Authority (SARB) in terms of the Financial Markets Act. A2X began trading in October 2017, and seven approved brokers account for over 60% of total market activity.


About Sygnia
Sygnia is an innovative financial services group based in South Africa and listed on the main board of the JSE and A2X Markets. The company provides asset management, stockbroking and administration services and a wide range of savings products supported by cutting-edge technology platforms to institutional and retail clients.

Sygnia is the largest international equity ETF provider in South Africa (and the second largest overall). It offers investors the widest range of ETFs to track international equity
markets and manages over R32.2 billion in ETF investments.
Twitter: @sygnia

About A2X
A2X Markets (A2X) is a South African stock exchange that plays an integral part in the progression of the South African marketplace. An experienced team, advanced technology and an agile environment enable A2X to provide an efficient and cost-effective trading venue to secondary list and trade shares, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and exchange traded
notes (ETNs).

A2X appointed Strate as its central securities depository and operates within the proven and reliable South African settlement structure. It uses technology developed by the UK’s Aquis Technologies that includes proven exchange matching and surveillance systems and a clearing platform custom-built for A2X. The end-to-end costs of transacting on A2X are about half the costs of the other South African trading venue on which the same shares can be traded.
Twitter: @A2X_Markets

Photos of Kyle Hulett, Sygnia Head of Investments and Kevin Brady, CEO of A2X Markets, are available here:–

For further information, photos or interviews for A2X, please contact Despina Harito of Turquoise PR & Marketing Communications, C: 084 453 1755, E:

Exchange Traded Products available on A2X:
• 1nvest Global Government Bond Index Feeder ETF
• 1nvest Global REIT Index Feeder ETF
• 1nvest MSCI World Index Feeder ETF
• 1nvest MSCI EM Asia Index Feeder ETF
• 1nvest MSCI World Socially Responsible Investment Index Feeder ETF
• 1nvest S&P 500 Index Feeder ETF
• 1nvest S&P 500 Info Tech Index Feeder ETF
• 1nvest SA Bond ETF
• 1nvest SA Property ETF
• 1nvest SWIX 40 ETF
• 1nvest Top 40 ETF
• 1nvest Gold ETF
• 1nvest Palladium ETF
• 1nvest Platinum ETF
• 1nvest Rhodium ETF
• 1nvest ICE US Treasury Short Bond Index Feeder ETF
• Absa NewGold ETF
• Absa NewGold Palladium ETF
• Absa NewGold Platinum ETF
• Investec Top 40 Tri ETN
• Investec Swix Top 40 Tri ETN
• Sygnia Itrix 4Ind Rev Gb
• Sygnia Itrix S&P 500 ETF
• Sygnia Itrix New China Sectors ETF
• Sygnia Itrix MSCI EM 50
• Sygnia Itrix SP Glob ESG
• Sygnia Itrix Eurostoxx 50
• Sygnia Itrix SOL H150
• Sygnia Itrix MSCI Japan
• Sygnia Itrix Gbl Pro ETF
• Sygnia Itrix SWIX40 ETF
• Sygnia Itrix Top 40 ETF
• Sygnia Itrix FTSE100
• Sygnia Itrix MSCI US
• Sygnia Itrix MSCI World
• Sygnia Itrix Sustainable Economy ETF*

*Available from 24 October 2022

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